Le Labo Ephémère

Destination wedding planner Toulouse, Biarritz, Marseille, Bordeaux.

Based in the south of France, Le Labo Ephémère plan and design south of France weddings in Toulouse, Aquitaine, Gascony and Provence. Concerned about creating qualitative events, Alexandre gathered at team of professionals with whom he designed unique, made to mesure services.

With a background in luxury merchandising, he kept a taste for well done work and a great attention to details. Passionate about design, Alexandre uses his graphic design skills and sensitivity, to create made to mesure decorations.

His inspirations are draw between modernism and flok influences, to create wedding setups that looks like no others. Insatiable creative, he tries hard to diversify season after season, in order to offer a continuously renewed aesthetics.

Le Labo Ephémère, wedding planner in south of France.

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