For your wedding

The eternal question : Why getting à un wedding planner ?

The question is legit, taking into account the cost of the service that increases the overall budget. So why delegate this part ? For 3 main reasons : the address book, the financial and time saving aspect.


The address book is to my sense, the best asset that can be provided by a wedding planner, and it can be considered as "THE" added value, they can bring to a wedding organization.

Over the years, each wedding planner has acquired an in depth knowledge of the market and the wedding suppliers that evolves in it. The opportunity to work with some of them, discover new ones, and test their professionalism and quality of services in order to only work with the bests.

This experience allow us to offer today a fine selection of suppliers that has been tested and approved... So let us introduce you to real gems you won't have found by yourself.

After all, even if a wedding was cool, guests always remember a bad caterer or a crapy dj that killed the party at 1am. Let us give them a good excuse to remember your wedding for a long time, thanks to real professionals.


The starting point of a wedding planning is the budget... and couples often forget about that.

They start planning the wedding by signing the suppliers one by one... but they realize half way to the end that the budget initially planned has already been exceeded. Impossible to backtrack as contracts has been signed and deposit paid. Two option for them now : Either increase the budget, or get rid of extra services that hasn't been confirmed yet.

This is why doing a draft budget is one of the first things to do, in order to face reality : is what i am dreaming of matching what i am ready to invest ?

With a planner, forget about this problem. Thanks to its knowledge of the market he will be able to establish a realistic estimate to match your needs... and if the budget can't match your expectations, he will be the best person to advise you and offer alternative options. Once the planning starts, he will be responsible to stay within your budget. No stress for you.


Let's be honest, organizing a wedding is time consuming... You first need to do a supplier sourcing, implying a long internet research (searching every website, reading reviews...).

You then need to start e-mailing the suppliers that has been shortlisted. Let's say 3 suppliers per category, in order for you to compare prices. And then e-mailing back several times, asking for extra informations and questions that pops into your mind.

Don't even get me started on the language barrier, as French people are not known for being very good and fluent in English !

A wedding planner, won't loose any time, and will collect quotes with professionals matching your expectations and budget. He will gather quotes from the right persons, asking the right questions, avoiding useless back and forth e-mails.

Once again, the address book is a time saving asset that will enable to target the right supplier, and be efficient with a limited amount of e-mails exchanges.

Few e-mails for you as the planner receives and centralize everything. To sum up, your only job would be to sign the quotes and pay the deposit, enabling you to concentrate on something else. Cool isn't it ?