A winter wedding in Gascony

The entire photo shoot has been built around one single piece … A top from the « Atelier 2B » collection which became the starting point of our photo shoot. This delicate and fragile tule, 3/4 sleeves crop top, embroiled with wool, inspires softness and confort.

It was obvious at this point that winter would be our theme. We decided to focus on the winter feeling, through materials and textures in a natural environment with warm and velvety tints. Our two newly weds of the day, would be able to evolve in a universe of caramel, gold and terracotta colors, matched with softer colors like nude, cream and beige.

How can we talk about winter without evoking nature... A sleeping vegetation offering vivid colors.

Foliage, trees and all these delicate plants that can be found in the countryside this time of year. Branches, roots, fern, thistle and pampa grass … Jewelry from « Maison Sabben » was the right way to go, with its petal shaped hair pins and earrings.

Celebrating nature, is also putting forward raw materials and craftsmanship. Indian hand made bench, moroccan fiber carpet, fine engraved porcelains from « Atelier Halo » … all of these pieces allowed to give texture and deepness to this winter photo shoot.

Lost in the middle of the French Gers countryside, « Domaine de Puissentut » appeared to be the perfect venue. The building from the 16th century was partially demolished in time, but stunningly renovated by its owners Angela et Dirk, respectively natives from England and Netherlands.

It is the perfect mix of raw materials, collected and reused in a modern way. The contrast between the stone, the wood and the sobriety of the white walls all trough the buildings was particularly interesting to play with.

We wanted this wedding to be intimate. We only kept what was essential, using the ambiant minimalism. This way, emotions and feelings where multiplied and palpable. All the spaces where imagined to create a movement that leave space for senses and emotions.

A small wooden table, minimal crockery. Few flowers on the table, enhanced by the suspended floral arrangement. A minimal and sober reception room, with white wall and wooden beams. For him, no shirt, but a raw edge boiled merino wool jumper and white leather sneakers.

This wedding, as beautiful was it, was also synonym of lightness and confort.